Who are we?

TasCor is a private equity group that makes strategic acquisitions and investments in agriculture in Australia.

Our current focus is on the dairy industry in Tasmania.

What do we do?

TasCor invests in agriculture in Australia.

TasCor partners with like-minded investors and entrepreneur's to establish private equity partnerships in the agricultural industry.

TasCor partners with high performance farmers, providing them with financial support and corporate expertise required to acquire, enhance, grow and operate farming businesses.

TasCor focuses on pasture based farming systems with low production costs, which allows the business the flexibility to ride out commodity price swings and realise capital uplifts.

Beyond the profits generated from production and progeny, TasCor seeks to drive capital upliftment in the farms it acquires.

The upliftment is achieved through the conversion of underutilised land to grazing pastures and investment in irrigational infrastructure, thereby improving pasture production and increasing the stocking capacity of the farms


  • TasCor has established a corporate/support infrastructure in Tasmania which provides the farm managers with:
    1. Market leading management assistance;
    2. Training, coaching and mentoring;
    3. Extensive operational modelling analytics;
    4. Forecasting, budgeting; and
    5. Cash flow management.
  • TasCor thereby possesses:
    1. Significant experience, knowledge and contacts within the industry and Tasmanian community;
    2. Extensive local product knowledge;
    3. The ability to source dairy farms with value add opportunities; and
    4. The ability to attract high performance farm managers.
  • TasCor is managed by an effective and experienced team lead by Basil Doonan who resides in Devonport, Tasmania.
  • TasCor head office is based in Devonport and provides the farm managers with back office support.
  • Basil Doonan ((B. Ag. Ec., Dip. Appl. Sc. (Hons), AIA):

Has over 25 years’ experience in farm business management, training and consultancy;

Has worked extensively in Australia and overseas in grazing industries with a focus on the dairy and beef sectors, primarily in the development and delivery of farmer training, agricultural business strategies and follow-up consulting;

Consults both nationally and internationally;

Specialises in pasture based grazing systems and the management thereof; and

Is involved in the day to day management of the farms.

  • Llewellyn Collett CA(SA):

Has 10 years’ experience in agriculture consulting and accounting.

Specialises in dairy farming in South Africa, with 40% of South Africa’s milk produced by his client base.